Come spend the day or stay all night 

We have full and half day packages for doggie daycare.
And deluxe accommodations for your over night stay.

Check out the different packages we have to offer.



$30.00 for a full day of daycare.
A full day is anytime between 7am-6pm.
$18.00 for a half day of daycare.  
A half day of daycare is anytime during the day four hours or less of play.
Try our package deals and save.
10 days for $260. ($26)
20 days for $500. ($25)
30 days for $720. ($24)
Packages expires within 3-6 months.

1 month unlimited $440 ($22)  This package expires in 30 days.

If you are boarding with us and are a regular daycare visitor or have had a temperment test, daycare is $18 a day during your pets stay.

Daycare isn't for everyone and we offer several options to keep your pets busy.  Ask us about our neighborhood walks, our story time or maybe just some extra playtime.  We want to keep your pet happy!

Regular pricing:
$50.00 per night for a Luxury Condo.
(our 6X8 room with sliding glass door.)
$40.00 per night for a Luxury Suite.
$35.00 per night for a Medium Suite.
(Dogs under 25 pounds)
When two guests share a room the second guest is half price. 

Guests from the same family recieve a 15% discount if an additional room is booked. (First room is full price.)
Our per night fee is for guests dropped off after 1:00pm on the first day of their visit and picked up before 12:00pm on the final day of their visit.  Pick up between 12:00pm and 3:00pm is an additional $10.00 and between 3:00pm and 6:00pm is an additional $16.00.   Sunday pick up is $16.00.

We provide a raised bed but feel free to bring additional bedding, blankets or toys for your pets room to help make your pet feel more at home.
Please add $5.00 to our room rates during holiday periods.


Does your dog need a little freshening up?  We can help!

Small dogs $27.00
Medium dogs $32.00
Large dogs $37.00

Price includes brushing, bath, blow dry and ears cleaned.

Our Basic grooming package includes: Shampoo and Conditioning, ears cleaned and plucked, nail trim, anal glands expressed and a hair cut.

Toy Breeds and Small dogs:

​Medium dogs:

Large dogs:

Basic grooming package:
Starts at $50.00.
Face, Feet and Sani cut:
​Starts at $40.00
Basic grooming package:
Starts at $65.00
Face, Feet and Sani cut:
Starts at $55.00
Basic grooming package:
Starts at $80.00
Face, Feet and Sani cut:
Starts ar $75.00

X-tra Large dogs:

​Precision cutting:

​Let us customize your dog:

Basic grooming package:
Starts at $90.00
Face, Feet and Sani cut:
Starts ar $75.00
Do you want your Pup to have an extra special look or style?
Precision scissoring can be added to any package for an additional
Let us know if you have a special request, our groomer is happy to meet with you and give your dog the custom look that sets them apart.


Nail Paw-lish
Blueberry face wash

Ask about pricing for these add ons.

Pampering options:

Meal time:

Add one of our entertainment package to your pets stay or pick and choose.  Please ask one of our staff members for more details.
-Food puzzle
-Peanut Butter Kong
​-Frosty Treat
-Extra play time
-Neighborhood walk
-Story time
-Deluxe Bedding
Please send your pet's food in labeled baggies so we can avoid any upset tummies. If you would like us to serve our house food, it is $5.00 per day.
You may send favorite toys for playtime. We  provide each guest with a raised bed and a comfy blanket, but enourage you to bring your pets favorite things to help them feel more at home.



Holidays are always a busy time. New guests will be put on a wait list during holidays to give our daycare and regular customers a chance to book their favorite room. Please add $5.00 to our regular prices during holidays.
Holidays times are:
​Easter Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend
Labor Day Weekend
July 3-5th
Thanksgiving week (Tues-Sun)
December 23rd-January 2nd
To insure the safety and health of all our visitors and staff we require the following paperwork before your stay.
-Enrollment Forms
-Current Vaccination Records
-Proof of flee and tick medication
-Signed policy form
-Signed contract
(please see our forms page for our policies and contract)